Fit for life.
Fit for adventure.

We’re a team of health care workers passionate about inspiring others to live an active, healthy lifestyle.
Helping you to move your body often and easily is our goal.
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The Team

Lianne Van Gaalen
Lianne Van GaalenRegistered Physiotherapist, Owner
Garth Van Gaalen
Garth Van GaalenKinesiologist, Owner
Evin Kuyer
Evin KuyerRegistered Physiotherapist
Kara Coleman
Kara ColemanFascial Stretch Therapist
Maddison Bader
Maddison BaderKinesiologist

Where to find us

You can find Pacific North Wellness in East Abbotsford
Parallel Marketplace (where Parallel Yoga Studio used to be)
Unit 106 – 1900 North Parallel Road,
Abbotsford, BC.
(604) 746 – 4070