Physiotherapy FAQ

No referral is necessary for Private or MSP funded patients; however, you must have one for ICBC claims. If you have a private extended health plan, your plan may require a referral in order to reimburse you.

Yes. Most extended health plans offer coverage for Physiotherapy services. Each company offers different amounts. Some plans have a maximum amount per year, and some plans are unlimited.

Physiotherapy is also covered by MSP premium assistance. If you are eligible for premium assistance, MSP will cover $23 per session, for up to 10 sessions per year. The user fee for MSP premium assistance is $45 for an initial assessment and $40 for a subsequent treatment at Pacific North Wellness.

We do accept valid ICBC claims. On your first appointment you will need your healthcare card and a valid claim number.

You are entitled to accident benefits whether you are at fault or not. In most cases, you’re entitled to physiotherapy treatment, and your adjustor will let you know what will be covered.

We do not accept WorkSafeBC claims.

Dry Needling is a form of Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS). Using acupuncture-like needles, the therapist will place the needle into muscles that have tight bands or “trigger points.”

The ultimate goal of Dry Needling is to cause a “twitch response” within the muscle. This can feel like an ache, tightness, or small contraction within the muscle. It is brief and the discomfort typically subsides immediately.

The purpose of Dry Needling is to decrease muscle tension, improve muscle strength and flexibility, and, overall, improve symptoms of pain and dysfunction.

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