High Performance

Compete with confidence

Pacific North Wellness can help you get fit and strong enough to reach the top, and we can keep you healthy to stay there.

We offer

  • strength conditioning
  • agility training
  • flexibility/recovery
  • sports injury rehabilitation.

As athletes, we understand the physical demands of high-level competition from the athlete’s perspective (Garth and Lianne competed on the national stage in our respective university sports). As professionals, we understand these demands from the healthcare perspective, Garth as a trainer and Lianne as a physiotherapist. Garth has successfully trained high performing teams in BC and Ontario, including the UFV rowing and golf teams (strength and conditioning coach) and the Royal Military College volleyball team and Pegasus Volleyball Club (coach). Lianne regularly works with high performance athletes in sports as diverse as hockey, baseball, rugby and triathlon, assisting them with sports injury rehabilitation.

Helping you succeed in your sport is our goal.